Vista: Boost — not Bane — for Linux

Two more items about Dell’s announcement that customers have shown more interest in Linux. First, this blog remarks about Dell’s feedback and suggests Linspire as an option — “Windows for Dummies.”

Ridiculous! Most people who want Linux on a computer are going to have a better idea of what they want than Linspire. Nevermind that it’s a $90 license, I expect those who’d order a Linux computer to be a bit savvy to order something with Linspire. More likely, I would expect to see a lot of computers ship with Novell/SuSE (to attempt to keep MS happy), Ubuntu (or one of its related distros), Fedora, Mepis, etc. The Slackware crowd are more likely to hold off and install it themselves anyway so I don’t expect Dell to offer that.

This piece is a lot more realistic. It notes that the hardware requirements to upgrade to Vista make Linux a lot more feasible for companies and agencies (FAA, DoT, school districts) who aren’t redy to make an outlay for both hardware and software. Hardware is too often given up long before it’s obsolete or a hindrance to productivity. MS could have priced themselves out of at least the public sector market with Vista.

I expect to see a lot more transition from XP/Vista to Linux because it’s easier to upgrade an operating system — especially a “free” one — without investing in more hardware. Even with the extra cost of training, Linux is robust and powerful for the desktop, and most people who have no problem with Windows can quickly adapt to GNOME and/or KDE.


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