Vonage Loses, Declares “Sweet” Victory

A Virginia jury today awarded Verizon Communications $58 million after finding that Vonage violated three (of five claimed) of Verizon’s service patents. Verizon asked the judge for an injunction that will bar Vonage from selling VoIP and would effectively allow Vonage customers to only talk with other Vonage customers. As is to be expected these days, Vonage claimed victory following the $58 million decision and promised to appeal both the judgment and any injunction (if granted). Vonage customers also need not fear being uncharged for service since Vonage prevailed on the issue involving two billing patents.


2 Responses to “Vonage Loses, Declares “Sweet” Victory”

  1. creandre Says:

    Vonage is the most incompetent company we have ever dealt with in our entire tenure as responsible consumers. We have wasted a good part of our lives that could have been spent with our pets and children trying to fix Vonage billing issues for a fuzzy and inferior phone service. We don’t want others to make the same mistake.

  2. lucky Says:

    I’ve dealt with plenty of incompetent companies in my life; not sure how Vonage would stack up against any of them. I have a couple friends who signed up for Vonage back when they first started the ad campaign with the home videos (“sign me up, just saw a dude smash his ‘nads”). The only bad stuff they had to say was that they’d lost 911 service and they had no phone when the power went out. Guess that’s a trade off for a lower price.

    I still haven’t met any MagicJack users yet, at least who’ll admit it.

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