Linux = Amiga? WTF?!

I hate bad analogies and logical fallacies, so this poorly-reasoned article comparing Amiga fanboys of the 1980s with Linux advocates rolls my eyes. The comparisons are ridiculous and can be applied to any preference: Chevy could just as well be the new Amiga because their fans hate Fords and MoPars (and are pretty damn smug about it); Pepsi drinkers are smug that Pepsi is better than other colas, especially Coke; etc.

Deep-seated preferences and loyalties can be very personal like that. The object of the loyalty is irrelevant because the mentality is the same. Linux has its devotees. So do the BSDs, Solaris, and Windows. What about the Mac cult? The author could just as easily have gone through a Mac forum and found the same devotion — or much worse — to *pple. And let’s not forget the lost souls who cling to the hope that BeOS will be resurrected via Haiku, Zeta, or any of the other projects stemming from that terrible business model (which continues to be plagued by horrible business issues).

No, Linux isn’t the new Amiga. Linux is just Linux.


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