(Sea)Monkey Business: InfoRSS

I installed SeaMonkey 1.1.1 (Linux GTK1) this morning. No big deal. Loaded right up, imported my bookmarks and contacts. I was in business in no time. Even started looking around for extensions that will work with 1.1+, but only found a couple.

I installed InfoRSS. It puts a small scroll on the status bar. The scroll can be configured so that you can manually browse through each RSS entry, etc. Not quite what I had in mind when I bemoaned the fact that SeaMonkey has the same RSS capabilities built into that Netscape 4.0 had. None! But I wanted to aggregate feeds somehow, even if it wasn’t quite what I have in mind for a 2007 browser.

My impressions? I suppose it might be okay for someone attracted to scrolling news. I’m not. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 2 (and I think I’m being very generous). It just wasn’t very impressive even though I tried to compare it to a ticker rather than to a full-fledged aggregator (that would be unfair). I also didn’t like the fact that shortly after letting it run and adding a couple feeds SeaMonkey started stalling and crashing. So I blamed it and decided to uninstall it.

Two problems. First, there was no entry for it in Tools. I finally got a dialog box to open. Second problem: this monitor is 800×600 and the dialog box wouldn’t open beyond 800 so I could find the button to uninstall InfoRSS. Who the hell puts such an option way to the side in the first place? I tried everything I could to stretch the box far enough — and even trying to change my fonts to something that would make a chiseling lawyer writing a disclaimer happy — to find the @&*# “uninstall” button but no success. (All the screenshots on their page are all from Macs. Haha. Wish I’d looked at those shots first, it may have saved me some aggravation. F’ers.)

Solution: lots of profanity and rude comments about the ancestry of the developers of InfoRSS while I manually deleted the lone extension in my extensions folder and manually removed everything that looked like InfoRSS-related stuff from overlays.rdf and chrome.rdf. Now I’m back where I started. And I was right — the stalls and crashes are gone.


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