More Projects

Looks like a rainy weekend, Texas is out of the NCAA Tournament, and I haven’t seen any movie previews that interest me enough to get me into a theater. I’m probably going to make a few more GUI front-ends this weekend if the forecast deteriorates. I ditched my Mepis partition and re-installed DSL 2.1b (kernel 2.4.31). Goodbye KDE on this poor little old computer.

I’ve already set up a few things today, including front-ends for pump (see entry from this morning), streamripper (I can rip multiple streams, tune in to any one of them, etc. — still have a few more things I want to add and see if I can get it to “strip” my playlist files), and a couple that use wget to get stuff (getting podcasts is high on the list). I’m also thinking of a small “blog writer” (just a text box or two with a “ftp now” button) for posting to blogsavy. I manually enter most of my HTML here anyway, so I don’t care for anything fancy. Depends how much time I end up spending in front of a computer the next couple days.


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