Linux is Painless Move

CBC tech writer David Conabree writes that Linux, particularly Ubuntu, is a painless and smart move for Windows users. He writes, “Amazingly, Ubuntu feels much like Windows. I have converted several friends to Ubuntu over the years and every one of them has had the same opinion — everything is where you think it should be if you’re familiar with a Windows computer.”

DSL gets a mention, too:

The “Damn Small Linux” version actually comes in at a paltry 50MB for the entire operating system, complete with basic software to cover most daily computing needs — it’s great for getting more use out of old desktops or notebooks.

It’s also great for newer hardware, and it’s a tighter base for building what a user needs without the large initial footprint of Ubuntu. DSL can be extended via DSL extensions from the MyDSL repository, apt-get, or by compiling from source (after adding GCC from the repository). :-)


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