Beating a Dead OS Again

The true believers at OSNews won’t give it up, so neither will I. How many BeOS servers are there on the Internet? Were there ever many?

I just did a quick run-through at netcraft to see if any Be-related sites actually run off Be-servers. No surprises. After all, Be is dead (RIP) and Haiku’s (a) not ready for prime time and (b) completely desktop-oriented. So much for it displacing Windows and Linux in the next two to five years, which was one of the more absurd responses I got at OSNews.

Haiku’s website is hosted on a Linux server. BeOS Radio’s site is hosted on a FreeBSD server. BeBits is hosted on a Linux server. is hosted on a Linux server. is hosted on a Linux server.’s site is hosted on Linux. When Netcraft last checked, the BeOS Max site was hosted on Linux. is hosted on Linux. is interesting. They’re currently hosted on FreeBSD, but have also been hosted on Windows servers.

Finally, I didn’t even know it was running, but the Be, Incorporated, website is up and hosted on Linux. The site only has shareholder information on it — hope y’all didn’t spend your 58-cents per share in one place.

There ya go, true Believers. That’s how relevant you are in the real world.


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