SeaMonkey: Reality Bites

I installed Firefox and Thunderbird this morning. I was tired of having to run additional applications to make up for the deficiencies and bugs of SeaMonkey I’ve commented on previously here and here and here. The Flashblock extension did a superb job of keeping SeaMonkey from crashing — I recommend Flashblock to anyone not running Flash, who wants to block Flash, or who will use SeaMonkey until the developers fix the cause of the chronic crashing. In the end, though, I was running more apps than I should need to do the same job.

I was running snownews for RSS feeds plus a text browser, elinks, to work more seamlessly with it than SeaMonkey ever could; I also ran bottomFeeder, a smalltalk-based aggregator, very briefly (can’t recommend it yet — it was my first choice but I got so fed up with it that I installed snownews instead). I was also running Mozilla Sunbird for scheduling.

Firefox has seamless RSS integration and there are several semantic web extensions available for it (I’ve already installed operator). Thunderbird works very well with the Lightning (Sunbird) extension. They use a little more RAM than SeaMonkey alone, but altogether it’s about the same as I was running with everything fired up at once and it’s all integrated in two windows.

Someday, hopefully, SeaMonkey will have better integrated RSS (it has a very spartan feeds feature combined with e-mail), a calendar, etc., and will be useful. For now, it’s just too antiquated.


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