Murdoch on Sun and Linux

Ian Murdoch of Debian and now Sun’s Chief Operating Platforms Officer is answering lots of questions about Sun’s friendliness with Linux. I wrote earlier about Sun’s partnership with Ubuntu in getting Java development applications into the main Ubuntu repository. Here’s an interview Murdoch gave Says Ian,

Solaris has some great technology, and I think Solaris has innovated more than Linux in the last few years. But at the same time, my first thought is [Solaris] seems like Linux 10 years ago [in terms of] installation, packaging and general usability. It comes down to how do you remove those barriers to adoption so that the truly unique and innovative features of Solaris are what people see.

Some of the desktop-oriented Linux distributions, like Ubuntu, for example, have garnered a tremendous amount of developer mindshare. But what people love about Ubuntu is not the Linux kernel, but all of the stuff that lives above it. So we [could] take all that stuff above Linux and put it above Solaris in a way that does not leave behind all of the differentiating features of Solaris.


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