Cyberstates 2007

The American Electronics Association has released their Cyberstates 2007 report. The health of the US tech sector appears to be very strong, but the caveat to its growth rate is that it’s about to hit the wall in available US workers. The solution? Outsourcing and relaxing immigration rules.

The unemployment rate for computer scientists last year was 2.5 percent, and for electrical engineers it was 1.9 percent. The low rates signal a dramatic worker shortage that will prompt more U.S. companies to open offices abroad.

“This is called full employment, folks,” Archey said. “Our own kids are not going into math and science, and we can’t hire foreigners like we did for the 50 years before 2001. This could be a disaster.”

California and Texas head the list of states with the largest high-tech industries, and tech-sector incomes average 84% more than the rest of the national salary average.


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