OLPC: Not Just Child’s Play

The One Laptop Per Child project’s XO is getting some heavy press coverage. Much of it seems to focus on the initial price point — $175 instead of $100, which should level down as production ramps up. We’re also getting early reviews. And they appear to be favorable.

A user can click on the drum-shaped icon, launching the TamTam music composition program and producing a symphony of duck quacks, infant giggles and car horns. Once the laughter stops, he can click on the camera icon, and snap photos and videos by pointing the laptop at subjects. A mosaic-shaped icon starts a quick game of Tetris, and the laptop screen be rotated and used as a tablet for reading an illustrated children’s book written in Farsi.

The AMD Geode-powered machine runs on Fedora and uses an interface called Sugar based on the Matchbox window manager (which I can strongly endorse for PDAs and even small monitors).


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