Take PC Security Seriously

This post was entered yesterday but blogsavy was down (again).
This article repeats Webroot Software’s finding last year that nine out of ten computers are infected with some form of malware and Consumer Reports’ claim that individuals and businesses spent $2.6 billion in 2006 trying to block or remove spyware. It also points out:

Criminals now have more incentive to crack into computers and steal information than they did only a few years ago.

People are increasingly accessing information such as bank accounts and stock portfolios online and are using credit cards to make purchases from Internet retailers. During tax season, more than 20 million submit tax forms full of personal information from a home computer.

Most criminals attack Windows because it’s so pervasive. While the article says that “most tech experts consider operating systems like Apple’s OS X and Linux more secure than Windows,” neither is without vulnerability. Cross-platform threats can and do affect non-Windows systems, particularly from vulnerabilities in certain applications (Open Office, Java, Flash, QuickTime, etc.), over the Internet (phishing and other scams are OS-neutral), and gullible trust when using unencrypted wireless connections.


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