Why I Like Tor

This is for all the law-breakers out there and the people who support them.

Anyone can run a Tor server. That includes the DEA, the FBI, the CIA, MI5, Interpol, or even your local police department. They can monitor the traffic that routes through their Tor servers and even include code on  passers-through to track users’ movements and phone home with full itineraries. Those agencies hire people who are smarter and more tech-savvy than you probably are.

Bad people can also run Tor servers. They can also put some code on your computer that will track you through other routers to sites long after you’ve routed off their computers. Maybe they’re even crafty enough to steal your credit card number or figure out who you are to blackmail you.

Consider it the price of digital democracy if it ever happens to you. After all, you’re morally flexible. The only difference is they’re a little more flexible than you.

Then who’s at the end of your connection? How do you know it’s not an officer, a DEA agent, an informant, or a scammer (reap what you sow)? A live CD can’t save you from everything.

If it’s an honest-to-goodness steroids trafficker, how do you know their records won’t ever come back to bite you

People who don’t break laws don’t have to cover their tracks and protect themselves from the police. People who don’t break laws only have to protect themselves from law-breakers. They also tend to sleep better at night and don’t have to worry about things like being visited by Postal Inspectors at work.

Last bit of advice: don’t bend over for the soap. ;-)


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