Why is There No Cult of Microsoft?

Michael Singer asks why Microsoft doesn’t have cult appeal like that shared by Apple, Linux, BSD, Oracle, Java, and other platforms (I would add Haiku to his list — a very sinister little cult that is!). He asks,

What about this: Is Microsoft in such control over its own products that nobody really cares to innovate around Microsoft software? Do they just go through the motions because that’s what they use at work?

I think most people aren’t excited about Microsoft because their product line is so pervasive and “traditional” — much like the lack of excitement of going to church or evangelism for most Roman Catholics and other denominations. I think people don’t get very excited about Windows or Office because it’s the standard. They can get excited by something novel — Linux, Haiku — or by a culture (cult) that fosters a certain status or elitism the way Apple has over the years. Microsoft really hasn’t done anything for brand-loyalty the way Apple has, which has led to Apple’s comfortable switch to the same Intel-based architecture that was so long Microsoft’s turf.


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