24 Has Jumped the Shark

Aside from sports, I don’t watch very much television. There are only two network shows I regularly watch, 24 and Survivor. I normally wouldn’t write here about either, but after watching last night’s episode of 24 I’m ready for 24 to be over.

I’ve been disappointed at every twist and turn in the current season. It started out with Jack being pawned off to a terrorist as an extortion payment, he manages to escape and get in touch with CTU just as a nuclear bomb goes off. Good enough. Then he learns Audrey is dead, then learns she’s not really dead. Meanwhile, his brother dies at the hand of their father and Jack starts to rekindle a relationship with his now-widowed sister-in-law and ex-flame. Then there’s the dopey nephew and the grandfather’s decision to use him to lure Jack and then the grandfather’s decision to take him to China as part of his legacy. Jack likes his nephew, too. All of a sudden we get to see the introspective, contemplative side of Jack Bauer. Why? Geez. And don’t get me started out President Wayne Palmer, his goofy sister, or his in-and-out-and-in-again coma and addiction to adrenaline injections. Who wrote all this crap? Enough with all the lovey-dovey relationships already.

My prediction: Palmer is okay and resumes his job as President for the third time in one day just in time to prevent the Russians from bombing US troops in the Middle East, Jack kills his father, his daughter still won’t have anything to do with him, Audrey snaps out of her mental illness, she and Jack decide to visit Disneyworld or run away to a Jack Russell terrier farm, and her father wants to kill Jack for not leaving her alone. That sets up next season where Jack and Audrey are on the run from Secretary Heller and some malevolent CPAs he knows from his country club. That sounds a lot more interesting than this season has been.


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