More DSL Extensions

I’ll submit more extensions next week (so as not to flood Robert during Linux World). I have UCIs of several dsl and tar.gz extensions that I’ve re-done for lowram situations; some are version updates. All I have left to do is add menu entries. I also don’t know how serious Robert was about deprecating tar.gz extensions (or how soon), but I won’t submit any.

I’ll probably hold off on the duplications of versions that are current in other extension forms already, e.g., UCI versions of mp3blaster, jed, and zile. I didn’t hesitate to submit screen 4.0.3 because it’s a security update and I was asked to submit it. I’ve compiled and packaged emacs22.uci, but will likely not submit that because of its size (emacs 22 is bloatware). I think I may submit a smaller emacs-like app — e.g., Xemacs, micro-emacs — instead since Felson submitted emacs 21.4 extensions just a few months ago. If I do Xemacs, I’ll submit it piecemeal along with some of the packages (probably not sumo); one of the reasons I haven’t already submitted Xemacs is because the current version doesn’t allow it to be compiled without X support. I wonder how many complaints I would get if someone expected X support. Hmmm.

I also have some language extensions to submit at some point. I’m undecided about submitting guile-1.8.2.uci since there’s a fairly recent guile.uci extension already in UCI. I also have guile-ncurses, guile-oops, SCSS, MIXP, SDOM, and other tools that could be packaged together or submitted piecemeal and should work with what’s already available. I don’t know if there’s much interest in scheme/Lisp/guile, but there is a wiki request for PLT/DrScheme (which is too big, imo, for DSL: source code is > 14MB). I’ve downloaded it and will try to get it submitted shortly — probably not with this next batch.

Finally, I just downloaded source for emelfm and submit that soon (probably as UCI) since that’s been removed in DSL 4 and there appear to be a few users who miss it. All they should need is carry their /.emelfm settings over from whichever previous version if they prefer it to mc and/or dfm.


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