Weekend Roundup

Phishers Can Misuse Google Gadgets, Researcher Says:

Google told him that what he sees as a flaw is simply part of the site’s expected behavior.

Sourcefire acquires ClamAV open-source anti-malware project:

The company did not rule out a potential leap into the desktop security market.

Major Skype outage in progress:

Plenty of theories have been floated as to what caused the problem, but Skype itself says that it was an algorithm error with their own service. So this has nothing to do with Windows or Microsoft, nothing to do with a hack or compromise.

Scrapin’ Google in no sec – in Ruby:

scRUBYt! is a simple to learn and use, yet powerful web scraping toolkit written in Ruby.

10 (+1) ways your network is like your front door:

Secrecy about security doesn’t make anyone a smaller target.

What it means to be “targeted”:

Just one question: The arrest was made under the Brooklyn Bridge? What’s up with that? This could be a great story. Maybe even a screenplay?

Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog: Momentous Day for Solaris:

To me, this is a tectonic shift in the marketplace – bringing together erstwhile competitors to serve a marketplace IBM and Sun agree is bigger than the both of us. By working together, we can serve customers wanting to run Solaris on IBM hardware, and deliver a unique set of solutions (including IBM’s middleware, the majority of which is certified on Solaris, too). This isn’t about displacing partners or revenue streams, it’s about growing both – and as the first Tier 1 x86 system vendor to sign on as a comprehensive Solaris OEM, IBM is clearly in the pole position to capture that growth.


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