Linus, Sun, ZFS, and the GPL

I linked to the following quote in my previous entry about GNUStep’s chief weenie Gregory Casamento’s apoplexy over Linus Torvalds and Linux. Does it REALLY sound like Linus is so bad and so mean? I don’t think so.

I’ll highlight the key points so even Casamento can find it.

Linus on GPLv3 and ZFS:

And yes, I’m cynical, and yes, I hope I’m wrong. And if I’m wrong, I’ll very happily retract anything cynical I said about Sun. They _have_ done great things, and maybe I’m just too pessimistic about all the history I’ve seen of Sun with open source. The _good_ news is that Jonathan Schwartz actually does seem to have made a difference, and I hope to God he is really as serious about open-sourcing things as he says he is. And don’t get me wrong: I think a truly open-source GPLv3 Solaris would be a really really _good_ thing, even if it does end up being a one-way street as far as code is concerned!

The more I read that and compare it to what Casamento wrote, the less bright and more irrational Casamento appears.


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