Tafiti – Silverlight Search Engine

I tried posting this the other day but firefox crashed and took deepest sender with it.

I thought the hype for Silverlight was overblown. I finally installed it so I could try out Microsoft’s new tafiti search site.

I’m almost sold. First my impressions of Silverlight: it’s pretty jazzy. That comes at a price, of course. I’m on machine with less than a gig of RAM so I’m curious how much better it would perform with “modern” amounts of memory. I also have firefox configured so it’s not very graphics friendly. I might have to try it again after resetting my about:config.

Second, impressions of tafiti, which is Live Search on Silverlight. I decided to see if my blog entries would show up so I searched lucky13linux. Voila, there I am. Then I noticed a note about the shelf. This is where you can drag things out, label them, and do whatever you need. The faq explains what it’s for.

  • Putting things on the shelf – Search results can be dragged from the results pane to the shelf.
  • Labeling a stack – hover over a particular shelf and click to type a label on the text box which appears.
  • Seeing the contents of a stack – click on a particular stack (outside the label area) to see all the contents displayed in the Stack View.
  • Delete individual items – hover over an item and click the red Remove button which will appear.
  • Send a stack to someone else via email – click on the link at the top of the Stack view.
  • Post a stack to your Windows Live Space – click on the link at the top of the Stack view.
  • Clear a single stack on the shelf – click on the white X that appears when you hover over a particular stack.

Pretty cool.

So I did a few more searches. The trade off between this and Google is speed. Google is faster because it’s not bloated down with snazzy graphics and swirly icons.

It’s impressive, though. Impressive enough I would consider using it if my hardware could better handle it. But I’m holding out and not a candidate for Vista or any of the modern Linux distros designed with the latest graphics cards in mind.

I’ll try to scale my screenshot later. I don’t have GIMP installed on this account and I don’t care to put a 250k image up and slow my site from loading.

Addendum following crash: I removed Silverlight from my system.


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