FSF = Pots Calling Kettles Black

The FSF’s environmental press release:

The statement highlights the disposable-computer mentality embodied in the excessive hardware requirements of Microsoft Windows Vista. Often new hardware is necessary to support new software features, but the coalition says in this case, Vista’s requirements are to enable the operating system to more effectively restrict the user at the request of media companies seeking to prevent copying of music and video files.

That’s pretty rich. Check out the hardware requirements to run most Linux distros sometime, you nutjobs. Many popular Linux distros now include Beryl in their default installs. The hardware requirements are very similar to what’s needed to run Vista.

Suse and Open Suse would require me to make upgrades to my hardware (if not dispose of what I have since it would be almost cheaper to buy a new system than to add RAM, video cards, and other recommended hardware I don’t use). Dittos for Ubuntu’s recommended minimums. These are distros where the most Windows refugees will feel comfortable — they probably won’t be inclined to do base installs of Debian or Slackware, let alone any of the source-based distros.

FSF should have meetings with distribution development teams and get them to practice what FSF preaches. And that’s exactly what it is: preaching. Preaching that reeks of sanctimony and a phony piety.


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