BSD Migration Rolling Ahead

I wrote about my new blog last week but I’ve been too busy to make posts there or here to keep up with the changes as I migrate from Linux to BSD full-scale. I seem to be settling on NetBSD but I still may end up using OpenBSD. NetBSD offers ports for all the hardware I have (so does OpenBSD). I’m also familiar with NetBSD’s packaging system called pkgsrc, which I’ve used with both Slackware and OpenBSD. My servers already run OpenBSD.

I’ve installed NetBSD on my Pentium Pro and on a spare hard drive. Next up is my primary computer, which currently runs Damn Small Linux. I moved the aforementioned transient hard drive with a base install (plus some stuff I compiled yesterday) over to my main computer last night to make sure everything works. And it does. Very well.

I should be able to get back to it this afternoon to back up my data and start getting it all set up.


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