News Updates: 20070906 part 2

Apple shareholders should be outraged. Why should the company eat $100 per phone just because early adopters bought into the company’s hype and had to be the first kids on the block to get one? All of a sudden, you’re unhappy because someone else was smart enough to wait for the initial rush to die down and buy one at a lower price? Oh, boo hoo.

Apple’s Jobs sorry for iPhone price cut

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs apologized and offered $100 credits Thursday to customers who shelled out $599 for the most advanced model of the iPhone, only to have the company unexpectedly slash the price $200 in a push to boost holiday sales.

Relisting from SUNW to JAVA was meaningless to the fundamentals of how Sun operates and how analysts judge the company. Sun’s reverse split likewise isn’t about reality, it’s another pathetic attempt to shore up their sagging share price. Jonathan Schwartz is way smarter than this. Isn’t he? This is in category “just plain dumb”:

Sun hopes perception is reality:

…Sun is playing the perception game again. It will do a reverse 1-for-4 stock split in an effort to convince investors it is not a loser company. Executives acknowledged that reverse splits are meaningless from a valuation perspective. (Ditto for regular splits, by the way.) In fact, a reverse split usually is a sign of desperation. But Sun says it can stop the questions about the company’s staying power if essentially ignorant customers stop seeing a sub-$10 stock price.

Speaking of Sun, here’s more on the NetApp-ZFS lawsuit from NetApp’s perspective. Note in response to one of the comments, Dave writes: Our interest is on commercial use of ZFS. That is, we are concerned with companies who take our IP and turn it into products that they make money on. For obvious reasons, we are especially concerned about commercial use of our IP that would compete with NetApp. We are not concerned with downloads of ZFS for personal or non-commercial use.

Last time I checked, Sun uses ZFS in commercial settings. See why licensing matters?

NetApp Sues Sun for ZFS Patent Infringement:

We filed suit against Sun because after we pointed out the WAFL patents, their lawyers stopped getting back to us.

Finally, more fodder for my Apple Sucks category courtesy of Jem Matzan. He’s right (as he often is) that there’s no maintenance-free operating system and that Apple’s core users are cult-ish, unquestioning fanatics.

In reality, no operating system or hardware device “just works”:

Apple is arguably worse than Microsoft in many (if not all) ways, but something about its overpriced, unreliable fashion accessories appeals to a solid 3% of the computing market. And that 3% are cut from the same mold as the gushing parents, screaming fans, and arguing politicos.


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