Various News Articles: 2007-09-09

In the news today:
Apple restricts user freedom. More about Apple’s kowtowing to pressure from blithering idiots who wasted their lives standing in line to be among the first to buy iPhones and who whine when Apple had their first price decrease — gosh, I wonder if Dell will rebate part of the nearly $4000 I spent on my 286 way-back-when. And the cool gadget of the day (complete with pics and video): super-cool hacked espresso machine — I want one!

Apple attempts to block free ringtones with iTunes update:

Apple has released an update to iTunes that blocks users from creating free custom ringtones and then syncing them to an iPhone. Despite Apple’s best efforts to thwart users, a workaround has already been found and posted to the Internet.

Media-Savvy Apple Reacts to iPhone iCut Crisis:

“Maybe there is a lesson for consumers, particularly mainstream consumers, that the first day a product is introduced isn’t necessarily the best day to buy it. This is the nature of technology.”

Rancilio Silvia “PID PIC NES” mod: (by way of

I have long admired the pioneering work of Rancilio Silvia owners in modding their espresso machines. Here, I present my Silvia given a PIC 16F876 microcontroller brain, a 20 character VFD display, nintendo controller, three zero-crossing solid state relays, IC thermometer, laser cut acrylic top, cold cathode ground effects and shot light. This project has stretched out for quite some time, and will likely continue on as I pick away at it some more.


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