BSDs Get Portable C Compiler

The BSDs are increasingly turning their eyes away from GPL software. Today’s good news comes by way of in the form of news that the Portable C Compiler (pcc) is imported into OpenBSD’s CVS tree and is now available via pkgsrc in NetBSD (and other BSDs using pkgsrc).

BSD Licensed PCC Compiler Imported:

It is not yet bug-free, but it can compile the i386 userspace. The big benefit of it (apart from that it’s BSD licensed, for license geeks :-) is that it is fast, 5-10 times faster than gcc, while still producing reasonable code.

Otto Moerbeek writes, “But, as an example, complex programs like ksh and ssh run (linked against libs built with gcc)! Of course the road is still long, but things really look promising…”


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