Morning Update 20070919

First up this morning, a long-overdue paradigm shift to trusted computing whereby security is set upon levels of explicit trust rather than reactive policies that attempt to cover holes. I’ve increasingly done a similar thing on my computers via the content blocking add on for firefox I wrote about a couple months ago (I’ll edit the link later; meantime, search: favorite firefox extensions).

Secondly, it looks like Google will roll out their phone some time next year. That’s when excitable Google fanboys can stand in line for days and then throw tantrums a few weeks later when the prices drop. Wait, wrong company. Only Apple’s brain-dead cultists do that.

Moving Security from Blacklist to Whitelist:

Under the current system, a security firm discovers a new threat, adds it to its black-list database and updates its customers’ anti-virus software to combat the problem. A “white list” would instead compile every known legitimate software program, including applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, and add new ones as they are developed. Every program not on the list would simply not be allowed to be function on a computer. “This is the future of security technology,” Murphy said at a presentation of the company’s twice-yearly security report on Friday. The trick is to develop a “global seal of approval.” A white list would likely require co-operation and funding from a majority of players in the technology industry. Industry observers think it is a good idea, but it raises several issues. The oversight body would have to be neutral, mindful of open-source software — which is quickly and often modified — and speedy in its approval process.

Google Gphone still on the way, say sources:

Although market rumors previously stated that Google is likely to use an EDGE solution developed by Texas Instruments (TI) for its planned handset, recent developments indicate that Google is also evaluating the possibility of launching a 3G handset initially. TI’s handset chipsets will find their way into the Google phone should the company decide to roll out an EDGE-compliant handset, but Qualcomm could turn out to be the winner if Google decides to bet on a 3G model, the sources noted. However, the choice of a 3G platform might force Google to postpone the launch of the so-called Gphone to the first half of 2008 instead of the latter half of this year as expected due to the change of platform and problems related to licensing of patented technologies, the sources indicated.


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