FSF Tries Another Shakedown, One Victim Company Already Offers Source Code

The Free Software Foundation’s Software Freedom Law Center has struck again, suing two more companies on behalf of Busybox. The SFLC reached a settlement with Monsoon Multimedia at the end of last month in which Monsoon paid an undisclosed sum to Busybox developers (and, presumably, their lawyers at the SFLC/FSF).

Free Software Group Files Copyright Lawsuits:

Richard Bruckner, CEO of High-Gain Antennas, said the SFLC is mistaken about the GPL violation. The company, which makes wireless broadband antennas and related products, uses firmware from a company called Edimax, not BusyBox, and makes the source code available, at the request of customers, he said.Bruckner said he tried to explain the situation in a conference call with SFLC officials but was hung up on. During that first conversation SFLC was “already asking for money,” he said. “What they need to do is get their act together and read the source code.” If the SFLC doesn’t end its threats, High-Gain Antennas may file a countersuit, Bruckner added.

Here’s a screenshot showing that High-Gain Antennas offers source both as a download as well as on CD-ROM for those with connections that forbid them from downloading 100 MB.

fsf sucks


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