George Ou Calls Out EFF for Supporting Metered Internet

Here’s another net neurality article courtesy of George Ou. He was invited to discuss the EFF’s position in the Comcast-BitTorrent saga and was eventually told to “shut up” if he wasn’t going to take the EFF’s side.

EFF wants to saddle you with metered Internet service:

We’re all going to have to go back to the cell phone model where we worry about peak and off/peak hours and how many megabytes we used just like we worry about how many minutes we use….Not only does a metered Internet service plan screw the low-end users, it makes BitTorrent or any kind of peer-to-peer networking cost prohibitive.  The EFF ironically claims its standing up for BitTorrent rights when it fact it would kill it with metered Internet services.

Ou is right, and his comparison to cell phone billing is apropos. The EFF’s solution is much worse than the alleged problem. I say alleged because I remain unconvinced that what Comcast is doing by throttling the bandwidth of subscribers who transmit more data than some small nations via peer-to-peer is evil. I see it as a benefit because it (a)  spares the rest of us from having to pay more per month and (b) allows the rest of us to have decent connections throughout the day.


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