Apple: Good News, Bad News

The good news is, Apple has plenty cash on hand. This is leading to speculation that they’re in the market to acquire companies and expand their media empire.

The bad news is really bad: Apple is taking a beating on Apple TV and the loss of NBC content in iTunes hurts Apple more than NBC. At least according to market research firm Forrester.

Apple TV sales below expectations:

“In addition to the 400,000 Apple TV units we estimate Apple has sold thus far, the company will be lucky to sell another 400,000 in the year-end holiday rush, short of our one million estimate,” said Forrester analyst James McQuivey. “Unfortunately, the same lack of interest in iTunes video will mean the iPhone and the iPod touch have less video momentum to ride.”

Apple needs NBC, movie rentals on iTunes:

“Don’t let the Macgeeks posting angry blogs against NBC fool you,” said McQuivey. “The loser here is Apple, which relies on NBC Universal to deliver 30 percent of video download sales.”


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