This Old Computer

Tweaked my desktop’s JWM configurations a bit and doubled my RAM ($3 for 256MB, how could I resist?).  I added a couple menu buttons on the top tray since I use my mouse. The apps menu shows the standard DSL format (though I factored out everything). The speed menu is my fast launch with my most frequent stuff (including the content-based menu I made for laptop use). Moved the dock to the left side (gaim and opera icons shown), four desktop pager, tasklist with maxwidth set at 120, and then a full clock with date.

I set my monitoring stuff on one virtual desktop and set up htop and my tail terminals to fit around conky so I can see everything. Uptime reset over Christmas (and again for installing RAM). I’d been up 42 days since wiping the drive and reinstalling DSL.

I’m probably going to make a few more jwm tweaks, including moving the dock icons back to the right side — they’re too close to the menus and pager. I might add more menus as well to separate tasks on  the tray instead of in the menu. I’m also using dfm more than I thought I would.

I  thought about switching this one over to a frugal install but I’m in no rush. The only thing this computer needs is a quieter fan.



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