Latest Desktop Configuration

I’ve been using Knoppix 5.1 installed as Debian with a few upgrades from Sid (kernel, gcc, etc.) on my desktop for a couple weeks. KDE is very nice — I prefer it over Gnome and Xfce — but I don’t like the tax on system resources even with 256MB RAM. This will soon change when I replace this hard drive with the one I use for Damn Small Linux and the much lower demands of JWM. Not as fancy, but it’s better suited for this computer.

I don’t think KDE is sexy, but I did add a few little personal touches.

$ uptime
11:37:21 up 11 days, 14:26,  1 user,  load average: 0.61, 0.62, 0.84

I think my much delayed hardening guide will be changed to a guide for setting up things on a hard drive install of a live CD — both Knoppix and DSL. Such as which scripts to disable, tweaks I use, and some security settings to consider. There are some things that make a live CD work wonderfully that really aren’t so well suited for standard use. Such as anything that rewrites fstab.


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