Solution: GIMP 2.4 Copy-Paste New Image Size

This has been driving me nuts. I’d been using GIMP 2.4.x on my laptop courtesy of Vector Linux. Looked great but every time I went to open a new image after copying a region I was given my default size (800×600) instead of the old automatic sizing of the region for the new image. I thought maybe it had some bug. Then I installed (well, it was installed for me thanks to apt-get dependency issues with other things in my partial system upgrade) GIMP 2.4.4 in Debian. Same bleeping thing!

Here’s the deal. Instead of creating a new image, there are at least two choices that will open a new image to the cut/copy region size:

  1. Edit – Paste as – New image
  2. File – Acquire – Paste as new

(In the interest of saving both RAM and disk space on my laptop, I compiled GIMP 1.2.5 which builds against GTK1. There may be a few feature differences between 1.2.5 and 2.4.4, but I’ve been unable to find anything substantial between them. All the little things I use GIMP for are available in the older version. It’s not as pretty, it lacks menus in windows for images. Even using 2.4.4 in Debian I find myself right-clicking for menus anyway, probably out of habit.)


7 Responses to “Solution: GIMP 2.4 Copy-Paste New Image Size”

  1. geekbynature Says:

    I found this post by Googling “GIMP new image copy size.” THANK YOU THANK YOU for finding a solution. It was drivng me absolutely up the wall, having only recently upgraded. I thought it was some setting that I’d forgotten to configure, but couldn’t find anything in the preferences about it.

  2. morghus Says:

    Holy crap, thank you so much! I was looking for this exact solution *hugs*

    I was looking for this through google with: gimp copy new size

  3. subexpression Says:

    I know this thread is older, but I had the same problem. It has plagued me for quite some time and I considered downgrading to an earlier version.

    But there’s no need!

    First, I make a rectangular selection, then use a hotkey combination to copy then paste into a new image with the correct size.

    rectangular select -> Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+Shift+V

    That’s it!

    I found the solution on another site.

    – s

  4. Foofoonych Barbarychev-Barbarushking Says:

    Thank you. I googled your post in 2011 :)

    • lucky Says:

      It’s funny how many hits this post gets year after year, but you’d think GIMP developers would’ve fixed that. Not complaining — at least I can now use 2.8 in ratpoison since it allows one-window use.

  5. Mac Adobe Says:

    Mac Adobe…

    […]Solution: GIMP 2.4 Copy-Paste New Image Size « lucky13[…]…

  6. Siim Vatalin Says:

    This paste as new image option is totally counter-intuitive feature in GIMP – you just won’t find it unless you already know it’s there. Once you’ve learned it, it’s a great tool though. Thank you for helping further, I was also almost losing my mind already…. ;)

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