Another Update: Reducing RAM Use

I made a bigger dent today than I thought I would. I have RAM consumption way down even with Pidgin, jwm, screen, htop, and mrxvt running:

CPU[||||| 9.1%] Tasks: 29 total, 1 running
Mem[||||||||||||||||| 30/249MB] Load average: 0.15 0.05 0.01
Swp[ 0/476MB] Uptime: 01:16:50

I have a lot more RAM available than before and plenty of room to work with before needing to swap. I’ve started up Firefox with several tabs and I’m still not swapping yet. I removed and/or deleted nearly a full GB of stuff today including what I wrote about earlier with KDE.

I have a bit more work to do. I ended up installing Thunderbird even though I was going to install the latest beta for Sylpheed; I also re-installed mutt but have to find my muttrc on my backup Zip disk. I also have a few more things I need to sort out in the system and a lot of stuff I can remove. I should have more time this weekend to whittle it down some more.


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