JWM on Debian

Just a quick shot before I go to bed. I didn’t get a JWM entry for kdm when I installed JWM from Sid repository so I added my own link to the Jwm.desktop file. Made a few quick changes to get away from KDE apps. Konsole sucks outside of KDE so I added mrxvt — I get the tabbed terminal without the bloat. Set it same as I run terminals in DSL (no title or borders, maximized). Spent a little time tonight editing a menu and looking at what to leave in, what to add, and what to remove.

That’s right. Boring! Just the way I like it. Default colors for jwm, solid grey22 background.

There’s a lot I want to do to pare this system down further; even with GTK2, I think I can get it down so I can get a sub-80MB ISO. KDE is going this week — not so reluctantly even though I appreciate it enough to install it on my bigger hard drive and faster computer. I want a few apps familiar to DSL users like emelfm(2) and sylpheed (maybe mutt instead).

BTW, previous uptime was 32.5 days. Down because of power failure during excessively windy conditions (40+ mph) last night.


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