System Update: Adios KDE

I removed all KDE-related stuff from my desktop this morning. What was remaining (I’d removed the PIM package earlier) was about 265 MB of stuff. There are a few more things to remove, a few things to add.

I’m not impressed with RAM use without KDE. I’m using at least twice as much RAM with xorg as I use in DSL with tiny X. Any DSL comparison is apples/oranges because I’m also running GTK2.

More later when I weigh my RAM hogs and opt to use applications requiring a lot less of my computer.

I’m going to continue to use KDE on my laptop and I may reinstall it on this desktop at some point (when 3.5.9 makes it to the repositories) since its RAM use really wasn’t much heavier than what I’m running now. My chroot partition (for remastering) doesn’t have KDE but still has some KDE-related things to remove — but not enough to get my ISO size under 64 MB.


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