Wrapper Script 101

This is in relation to something at the DSL Forums. Sometimes applications need a little help to “automate” things, work in the desired manner, or to use configurations other than default without having to switch from default settings. In this case, it’s just a simple shell wrapper to open a terminal and use mplayer to stream audio. Below is the resulting output from 181fm Classical Guitar (nice work music) and the simple wrapper script.

I put it in xterm because that’s my “floating” terminal — aterm and mrxvt are maximized without border or title in jwm. I set that wrapper as my run action in rox for PLS streams — click, open, it plays (kills with q, ctrl-c, or closing the window). Not fancy but at least it’s easier on RAM than xmms.

EDIT: Here’s another shot with the same wrapper as my default PLS application in firefox:


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