New Mouse, Rox Revisited

Got a new mouse so to put it to good use I decided to install rox-filer again. I’m using rox 2.5 from Debian testing.

I need to do some icon tweaking to reduce and standardize size. My new jwm theme (work in progres) is “pearl” and I’ll post it to my theme thread at the DSL forums when I get it all sorted out. I set up aterm and mrxvt to open maximized, no border, no title; I left xterm alone to “float” on the desktop.

The fourth icon from the left is my wrapper to force-resume screen. To reiterate my pro-WIMP point yesterday, one click on that icon sets into motion everything that it would take multiple keystrokes (and even tabbing for autocompletion) to do. The screenshot was taken and scaled with the same command from my ratmenu entry, piped into my jwm menu (vim rocks); I also have it bound to xbindkeys so I can press one button. Icons are messy and time consuming? I clicked on my home folder and dragged the icon for the image over the gimp icon on the desktop. Voila, I opened the image in gimp and edited ever so slightly.

My impressions of the updates to rox since version 1.2 (which is what I’ve used from MyDSL) are that it’s matured very well. It works fine in Linux even though the RISCOS-centric stuff like application directories aren’t exactly suited for Linux. Among the features that are different, I appreciate the customizable menus. I need to read through the changelogs and see what else has changed. I also have a lot of MIME-types to set up.

FWIW, I have more anti-WIMP window managers installed than I have ones designed for icons and menus and taskbars. And most of what I do in jwm is bound to keystroke (which I’m increasing even more since installing the bloated xbindkeys and related packages yesterday). I don’t agree with the arguments against WIMP because they tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater — there are sensible ways to configure systems to maximize productivity and ease of use. Menus and icons and all the rest can be part of that solution. Dogmatic objection to such use isn’t productive.

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