Login – XDM Out, Slim In

I’d read that Slim is a low-resource replacement for KDM (which I removed when I recovered about 400MB on my hard drive). I installed Slim on my laptop to check it out. The default theme is nice, but I’m not into pink tones and the high resolution image is a bit too much for me to justify using with my limited RAM. After scaling it down and checking RAM consumption, I decided a low-color background was more suitable. And it certainly loads faster.

oh, scary

RAM use for Slim is higher than I thought it would be, even with a much smaller (as in 7.5kb) background. I’m still using the default panel and fonts, though. I looked and htop says it’s using 2%. That’s twice as much as I ever saw XDM use. Maybe I need to do something with the panel image, too, to get it down a bit more — and use a scarier font while I’m at it.

If that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll switch back to booting into runlevel 3. That’s my preference anyway. I really don’t like the hideous blue splash stuff Vector uses during boot. Maybe I’ll change that, too, first. But this does make switching between ratpoison, jwm, and larswm a lot easier.

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