Apple Releases “Mother of All Security Updates”… AGAIN!

On the heels of a recent attempt to plug the leaky sieve known as OSX, Apple has released another update for almost 90 vulnerabilities. Half affect open source packages, the rest are native OSX bugs.

Apple issues mega-monster security update:

Apple Inc. Tuesday issued a record-breaking security update that patched nearly 90 vulnerabilities in both its own code and the third-party applications it bundles with its Tiger and Leopard operating systems….

Unlike other operating system vendors, Apple doesn’t rate the vulnerabilities it patches. A large number of the fixes Tuesday, however, were accompanied by Apple phrasing — “arbitrary code execution” — that signals the bug could be used by attackers to infect a Mac with malicious code. In others’ ranking systems, vulnerabilities like that are typically classified as “critical” threats.

OSX is a critical threat. If you own a Mac, install Linux or even Vista. It’s safer.


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