Shame on Apple, Steve Jobs is More Evil Than Bill Gates

Why did Apple try to push its browser onto Windows PCs? | Technology | The Guardian:

It turns out that not only would having iTunes (which demands QuickTime) lead to your being “offered” a new browser for your machine, but Safari would bring along with it another piece of Apple fun, called “Bonjour for Windows” – an Apple-developed method of auto-discovering services on the local network. (Adding iTunes also brings in its wake a slew of iPod services, even if you haven’t got an iPod.)

One of the charges leveled against John Lilly by the Mac fanbois is that he’s afraid of losing money to Apple. The Guardian has it right: turn it back around on Apple and their quest for money.

“But it’s still quite a leap from updating existing software to installing entirely new stuff.”

That’s the real issue here. People take Microsoft to task for their verification and update systems. Why are more people not calling Steve Jobs out for being the scumbag he is or ranting against Apple for installing new, entirely different software when users update one particular piece of software?


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