CanSecWest pwn2own: Mac Pwned within Two Minutes

Mac OS X first to fall:

In the first attempted attack in the PWN2OWN contest, a security analyst breached the defenses of Apple’s Mac OS X using a bug in the Safari browser and won $10,000 as well as the computer that he compromised.

Charlie Miller, principal analyst with Independent Security Evaluators and the researcher who found some significant flaws in Apple’s iPhone last summer, compromised the Apple MacBook Air in less than a minute. While he refrained from describing the flaw, SecurityFocus learned that the issue affected the Safari browser. Contest officials said that the MacBook Air was running the latest version of Mac OS X, version 10.5.2 or “Leopard.”

Told ya the Mac would get pwned first. That Fujitsu with Vista should be just as easy  to pwn if it has Safari for Windows. Not because Windows sucks (sorry, haters, but Microsoft deserves big props for taking security seriously) but because Apple does and Safari is not Microsoft code.


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