April Fools

I haven’t had much time to check out different sites’ April Fools gags yet, but the two I’ve found have been kind of amusing.

The first I encountered was gmail’s new “custom time” feature; unfortunately, this one was broken in text browser (lynx) when I first looked (tip of the day if you think gmail loads too slowly in your browser: enable imap and use your email client or use a text browser like elinks or lynx). This feature means never having to offer belated wishes for a happy birthday, anniversary, or anything else. Could come in really handy on deadline projects, too.

The second was before I fired up Firefox so I’m going to have to go watch Shawn Powers’ announcement that Linux Journal is going to include a lot more BeOS coverage and the Pentium Pro technology that makes BeOS shine.

I just looked at the LJ site in Firefox and the graphics are worth the visit today.

The “apple sucks” category is because Apple chose NeXT over BeOS for what became OSX. I’m not saying BeOS was inherently better, but rather Apple has given Unix a bad name.


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