My Cool Green jwm Theme

This is my current jwm theme. It can be used via an INCLUDE tag or inserted in the appropriate area (remove the open/close JWM tags) of jwmrc. It’s flat, and greenish on dark grey (my background for this is alternately grey13 or an image that is predominantly grey13). Note the lack of icons. This makes jwm much more nimble.

FWIW, the “choose something” aterm option is a zenity prompt asking for what color terminal to use. This has made it very easy to test different themes without resetting Xdefaults or creating even more menu entries.

Here’s the theme. It also looks good with other muted-bright colors like lightslategrey and lightseagreen.

————————————— code —————————–


<!– cool4jwm:flat lime-ish green and dark grey –>

<Font antialias=”false”>fixed</Font>

<Font antialias=”false”>fixed</Font>

<!– Additional TrayStyle attribute: insert –>

<Font antialias=”false”>fixed</Font>


<Font antialias=”false”>fixed</Font>

<Font antialias=”false”>fixed</Font>



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