Added dwm to Desktop

I’m holding true to my word about giving dwm at least a week. I also installed it on my desktop, but haven’t done any reconfiguration from the defaults save for making the border 0 pixels and adding a couple applications to float.

My initial opinions haven’t changed much and I’m still resisting the automatic splitting when opening things in the same desktop — it’s mildly annoying when opening a second window in an application like Sylpheed to compose an e-mail (not an issue for mutt or other console apps) or when Firefox splits the screen with the download manager (which wouldn’t be an issue if I’d install the download status bar extension). I can live with it.

No other major changes yet — mainly cosmetic and only a couple apps set to float. I installed artwiz fonts on my laptop and changed my config.h to use smoothansi. I also changed the colors around a little. I think I like this better with the black fonts and lighter grey for the background (yellowgreen for active). I’m using smoothansi for conky and also in aterm. These are both laptop shots.

I removed the date-sleep pipe recommended in the README for adding a clock so now I get dwm-4.9 in the corner. Whatever.

Nice Spring-like theme by Beccary and it has a cool name. Even better, its default CSS allows a little more space for text and images than some of the other themes I’ve used.

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