Vector Light: Is it really?

I decided to see if I could find any third party information or reviews about Vector Light before I commit to installing it. One of the first things I found was this page with screenshots. It’s not very reassuring given what I wrote this morning.

For example, I see things I wouldn’t ever include in a “light” version –

  • bootsplash
  • slim login (I think it’s slim, maybe kdm light just like Vector?)
  • Fox toolkit (?)
  • pcmanfm (?)
  • gslapt shows the version of mplayer, and it’s the same as in standard Vector.

I guess what I meant this morning by separate paradigm is that it wouldn’t have multiple tools for accomplishing similar tasks the way you might expect it to be on a more full-featured distro — that there would be more consideration to streamline things and reduce duplication and maximize utility. For example, including fox toolkit along with other GUI/RAD toolkits. I checked to make sure vasmCC uses gambas (yes, it does). And so on.

I also would use a separate repository for “light’s” applications because the user bases aren’t the same. Why install a “light” version and then end up with an identical system when all is said and done once packages are chosen from the repository? The only thing that’s different is the choice of a window manager or desktop environment, and that’s an option that can be chosen when using the normal version of Vector.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll try it anyway and see. Or else I’ll go with my original plan and recompile stuff without bloated dependencies so that it’s genuinely light — lighter footprint, lighter on system requirements and resources, and more nimble than “pretty.” In the final analysis, I care a lot less about how my computer looks than what I can do with it. And I can’t do as much if I have its RAM crammed with big, bloated icons and high resolution wallpaper.


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