DSL 4.3 Released

DSL 4.3 is out. Perhaps the most noteworthy change is the upgrade to Firefox 2.0 GTK1 (Bon Echo rebranding) from Firefox 1.0.6. Edit: There are other changes that deserve comment. The browser for MyDSL is now very much improved. The noicons cheatcode will now boot jwm without icons (in addition to not starting dfm on the desktop); this speeds things up quite a bit even though it’s primarily targeted at vintage low-RAM computers.

There are some things about it I don’t like. The first is something subjective and very easily changed: the default theme and wallpaper are too freaking dark. I’m also not a fan of black and white, and that’s essentially the color theme for jwm. This is a shot with Firefox opened all the way hiding the background save for the overlaying aterm. I’d already made some changes to remove the icons from the tray buttons and moved the tray to the top when I took the shot.

My biggest peeve of all is the search engine choice. Not choices, choice. It’s a Google search through DSL’s site. How many concerns do I have about that?

  1. Privacy – are click-throughs being recorded? What’s John’s privacy policy for both DSL and Google searches through DSL?
  2. Given DSL’s recent downtime and slow responses (see two or three entries ago), will this mean users will ultimately have to type google.com in the URI box anyway just to use Google?
  3. Why should users have to go to the Firefox add-ons site to get standard choices for search engines?

Like I’m about to add in the DSL forums, that’s going to be easy enough to fix because I’ll download the GTK1 build of Firefox anyway and just start with a fresh profile. But I think it sucks that someone would direct my searches through his site first. See what I wrote about Vector’s default settings so that every new browser installation or upgrade hits their website. Boo.


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