DSL Hard Drive Install Page

I’ve added and linked a shorter version of my Damn Small Linux “hardening” guide, which focuses on some of the changes I make immediately upon installing DSL to hard drive. Some of what I’ve added is security-related. After all, everyone thinks Linux is inherently more secure than Windows — so make sure it is. Other parts, such as recommending kernel recompilation, are less urgent. The gist of my opinion: it works and works well, but it’s easier using a distro that’s intended to be used for hard drive installs if you want to set it up correctly and safely.

The link is here and on the top under “My Pages.” I also hope to have the “MyDSL Pages” available soon, which will also have a link to it.

Additional note: I’ll recommend to Robert that zlib, ssl, and ssh be updated (or use dropbear, which hopefully is updated). If not, I’ll try to submit what I use as dsl/unc.


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