DSL 4.4rc1 Released Today

Robert Shingledecker has announced the release of DSL 4.4rc1.

New this time around, we get a major improvement in the lua scripting which includes a refactoring of the FLTK bindings (thanks Florian) so that only the parts required by each script run at any given time load regardless of what the script does or needs (in contrast, murgalua offers a kitchen sink approach that requires a full runtime of lua, fltk, lua socket, lua filesystem, zlib, sqlite, etc., regardless of what any particular script needs). This change frees up FLTK for C/C++ programming in addition to lua (and possibly other languages?); it also necessitated rewrites of the DSL lua scripts. There’s also an upgrade of rsync, the search engines for firefox have been restored, new system font (artwiz smoothansi), lower resource gradient (using xsri — darkslategrey and looks like grey60ish, lightened from what I submitted) for background, and a few other tweaks.

I call the jwm theme “DSL light industrial.” It’s just a light alloy-like scheme that’s easy on the eyes and shouldn’t cause much strain. The background fits in with what I said I would do both here and in the Productive Linux podcast blog if I had my way: no wallpaper (though I did write I’d use a single color). There’s just a small (6kb) emblem floating over the xsri gradient. It makes a noticeable difference on resource consumption compared to using a wallpaper.

My only change to the system defaults in this pic is changing the font for torsmo to smoothansi to match the rest of the system. I’ve submitted that the gtk theme can also be updated to match the colors in the theme a little more closely as well as to use smoothansi. My suggestion to use it as the font in Firefox’ menus and popups by changing userChrome might not be as warmly accepted (maybe I should post screenshots of my browser with it and without).

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