Site News, New Blogroll Link

I don’t keep tabs on my stats because I haven’t bothered to do much to get the word out about this blog except in certain places, such as my links in the DSL forums and other places where I post a lot. Sometimes I look and see I’m getting a bit more traffic than I ever expected, and sometimes I look and see that my lack of regular posts equates to a lack of new traffic.

Looking at my stats at lunch, some things make me snicker. Like search terms that people used to find this blog. Some aren’t too surprising since I have a lot of content related to Damn Small Linux, GNU screen, jwm themes, and pwn2own, not to mention a little content about other distros and apps. Other search terms are more surprising.

  • lucky13 hotplug
  • make damn small linux look like windows
  • install dwm slackware
  • dsl linux tiny core
  • cloned animals and humans

I don’t know what this blog has to do with cloned animals and humans (I think I’ve had only one link to an article about glow in the dark cats — a landmark, crowning achievement GM technology!), but I’m grateful someone actually clicked through to see. That means more to me than all the screenshot searches and clicks.

Note: I’ve added a link to Productive Linux in my blogroll.

And if Steven from Click ever reads this, my “favorite free, open-source text editor for Windows” is gvim (I think scite is also pretty good in Windows but I haven’t used it as much as gvim or Notepad++). I registered before to post comments on your blog but it’s not letting me in.

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