More of My Stuff, More GPL, No More Community

In addition to compiling gpg (etc.) yesterday afternoon, I went ahead and grabbed the last GTK1 sources for Sylpheed and compiled with gpg support.

I compiled all the above to /opt so I could submit for MyDSL. That may or may not occur now. I asked yesterday that my submissions licensed under GPL be withdrawn from MyDSL until DSL either receives confirmation that sources are not required (which would be very surprising to me) or DSL figures out a way to make the sources for its GPL’ed extensions available in compliance with GPL. This was an issue I was dealing with behind the scenes to keep things from being as “dramatic” as they’ve become. So much for that effort. DSL isn’t even mine and other users only seem to care that version X.Y is available, screw any requirements.

I don’t think the whole issue of licensing — with respect to both the freedoms and the responsibilities — has sunk in among many in the DSL community. This is unfortunate. Some seem quite willing to sacrifice their freedom in the name of pragmatism or even assuaging someone’s fragile ego, while at the same time being dismissive of the obligations to make source available (whether at cost or for no charge) for things released under GPL.

It’s also very unfortunate things have turned so ugly so quickly, but things start to stink when people come in and stir up a lot of shit like John Murga did (and in the way he did it) and disrupt the community. Between the suggestions I start my own distro and leave if I don’t like things, requests that I not share opinions or explain things people seem too willing to overlook (i.e., the GPL’s freedoms and responsibilities), the principles that should matter a lot more than the pragmatism (go ahead and include Flash, Opera, and everything else that has strings attached while you’re at it), etc., it makes me wonder why I even bother helping others or why I’m even participating in any “community.”

Think I’ll take the rest of the weekend off to figure that out.

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