dslcore Introduced to the World

Robert Shingledecker released the first alpha cut of dslcore, a kernel 2.6-based development base. Final determination of its roadmap, especially with respect to extensions, is pending community involvement. This project is separate from DSL, which will continue to be 2.4-based and will still be developed and updated.

It’s important to note dslcore isn’t a newbie-friendly release. It’s a minimal Linux environment with a kernel, tiny X (kdrive), jwm, fltk, busybox, dropbear (minimal ssh), lua (with certain unnamed fltk bindings — wink, wink), and scripts from DSL and some of Robert’s new ideas. It’s stripped way down (9MB ISO) and not particularly useful as it exists. It has no roots in Knoppix or Debian like DSL does.


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